Additional Services

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Centralized Distribution

Elite Systems values the importance of a clean look and design. We are dedicated in creating the most efficient space, with tidiness in mind.

Having wires wrapped around your home is so outdated! We work hard to plan appropriate structured wiring plans to give you the most welcoming design possible.

With a centralized network and cable distribution box we are able to route all the wires through the wall to once place. Keeping in mind the homes exterior,

Elite Systems installs an empty conduit to bring services like internet and cable into the home with no penetration or wires wrapped and drilled to the exterior.

Stay confident that we will take your home to the next level of living.

Ask us about our additional Services like...

• Smart Lock Integration- No need to remember your house keys! With Smart locks you are able to easily issue and modify any access code and permissions. Tie it into your account for remote arming and disarming.

• Thermostat Monitoring- Upgrade top a smart thermostat to adjust it to your preference from anywhere. You can even set a schedule to kickstart it on the way home. Have it nice and cool on a hot summer day while keeping energy efficiency in mind.

• Garage Doors/ Lift Master Integration- Get rid of your garage controller and have everything at your fingertips. On you can integrate your garage overhead door and have control from anywhere.

• Video Doorbells- Know who’s at your door from anywhere. It is also great to keep an eye out for your deliveries and stay in touch with automatic notifications.

• Connect a Car- With this add-on option you can connect a device to your vehicle and with the platform you are able to keep track of your vehicle and maintenance notifications.

• Water Management- Keep your home secured from all disasters. Adding an Smart Water Valve gives you the capability to detect flood and leaks with an automatic water supply shut-off before it becomes a major problem.

• Energy Efficiency- You can option into receiving energy reports that can help you monitor and conserve energy. Keep in mind you can also turn off and on any lighting or power with remote access from anywhere.

• TV Frames- Let us bring your home design to the next level. Before wire free TV mounting, we had entertainment systems. Now you can elevate your TV experience with Frames. Offering custom design and installations to fit your space.

• Gate access- Although we are not gate installers, we can certainly help you with your access needs. If it’s an entry keypad, camera surveillance or driveway sensors we help create Property Awareness from anywhere.

• Media Room Clean-up- Offering organization with efficiency in mind. If you are having trouble with your media set up consult with one of our experts to update and clean up your equipment.

• Voice Integration- Create a true Smart Home experience. Control your home with voice activated devices. By knowing what products to use and how they work together, let Elite Systems take the frustration off your hands.

• Google Home- Integrate all your Smart Home needs with the Google Home App. Consult with our expert to know what is compatible and how it works. Pull together your whole home in one place.

• Cell Booster- If you are getting bad cell phone reception consider a Signal Booster. We can help install and troubleshoot to the best of our capabilities to get you the ideal strength you need.

• IT trouble shooting- Being Low Voltage Integrators we try our best to meet your technology needs. Give us a call to help with office equipment set up or network and Wi-Fi adjustment.