Builder Services

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New Construction Pre-wire or Retrofit/Remodels

Elite Systems offers the most professional and organized services and sales in the field of audio, video, security, surveillance, smart home, smart office and more. Our team is clean, efficient and are experts in the necessary technology and installations. We offer the best products on the market, as well!

In business for more than 18 years, our experience exceeds client expectations! We work closely with home builders and home owners. Whether it's a new-build or a retrofit, our services are efficient, professional, up-to-date, user-friendly and complete.

Have us involved in your project from step one, helping make Custom Smart Homes and Businesses. Let us implement and simplify new home technologies to meet tomorrow’s expectations and help builders and owners reach their goal.

With electronics ever-changing we are sure to say so are construction protocols especially with the new generation purchasing and building their dream home. From pre-wiring for all ideal locations to improving existing installations, we’ll take care of the wiring and design to deliver a clean and thought-out experience.

Making Smart homes simple, consult with our Specialist to pre-wire for a better tomorrow.

Making a one stop shop for all technology needs like:

• Reliable Network Hardwiring throughout the structure.

• Pre-wiring and servicing Security and Camera Services, both home and construction site.

• Speaker and TV wiring planning, design, and installation

• Working with electricians to implement Smart Lighting design

• Planning Cable Installation leaving easy Service provider set up with no wires wrapped or drilled around the structure.

• Running Phone service wire

• Implementing Smart Thermostats with HVAC professionals

• Offering Gate Access options to create a unique and easy entry

• Retrofitting existing structures with todays new and improved services

Call Elite Systems to share their expert advice and be one step above the competition. Offering free consultations with Builders and Homeowners, helping advance to a better tomorrow.